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We love to purchase manufactured homes on land. We can make you an incredible cash offer for it. It's like getting equity up front. We will guide you through the process, contact Casey The Home Buyer today!

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Sell your double-wide home fast without a realtor.
Have you been wondering to yourself recently, “I need to sell my single-wide home” or “Who buys manufactured homes?” We buy both single-wides and double-wides on land in any condition. and when I say "any-condition", I mean ANY condition. Anywhere in Texas. We focus on North Texas at the moment, however if you have a mobile home anywhere in the lone-star state, we can be there with an offer! You will get a fair cash offer, no worry of comissions or fees. No realtors.

Casey can make you a fair offer on your trailer home for a great cash price and in a timely manner. Our professionals are courteous and will make the mobile homebuying process as simple as humanly possible.

Honestly, selling a manufactured home, whether it's a double-wide or a single-wide, can be a time sensitive. Your location can play a role in the selling of your mobile home. Manufactured homes play differently in the game than traditional homes when it comes to the process required for buying/selling. 

If you are going through a rough time with a divorce, death in the family or other tradgedy that may cause you to sell your mobile home on land, we can help guide you in the right direction. Please avoid the headaches that comes with needing to sell you manufactured double or single wide home in a timely manner and contact Casey today! He has made deals happen in as little as 7 days depending on the situation.

You Got Problems?

When selling a manufactured home, also known as mobile homes or trailers, there are some unique concerns regarding the issues that arise in the construction.

If you have your mobile home on land, then you can still get a relatively reasonable offer. Even with the following issues.

  • Structural Integrity - Overtime, manufactured homes can develop sagging floors, roof leaks and/or wall separation.

  • Weather-Related Problems - Mobile homes are typically more susceptible to damage from extreme weather. You need proper anchoring and tie-downs!

  • Insulation and Energy Efficiency - Older manufactured homes lack more modern and efficient insulation and features that are now common place for proper energy efficiency.

  • Plumbing and Electrical Issues - Like any home, manufactured homes can experience plumbing and electrical problems, such as pipe leaks, faulty wiring, or electrical panel issues.

  • Flooring Problems - Subflooring and flooring materials can wear out or develop soft spots. Water damage is a common cause of these issues.

  • HVAC Problems - Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems can break down or become inefficient over time.

  • Mold and Mildew - Poor insulation and ventilation can lead to moisture buildup, which, in turn, can cause mold and mildew issues.

  • Inadequate Foundations - The foundation on which a manufactured home is set is crucial. Problems with the foundation can result in structural issues.

  • Resale Restrictions - Some manufactured home communities have restrictions on reselling homes, making it challenging for owners to move and sell their homes.

To address these issues, regular maintenance, inspections, and investing in upgrades can help improve the longevity and comfort of a manufactured home. Additionally, it's essential to be aware of the specific regulations and standards governing manufactured homes in Texas and your specific city. Consider these factors when looking to sell your mobile home. 

Many times it is not worthwhile to spend the additional money to fix these issues. That is where Casey The Home Buyer comes in! He can buy your manufactured home, in any condition, as long as it is on land!. You will be quoted with a fair cash offer to take the problems off your hands and into ours! 

Avoid the headaches, fees, commissions, repairs, surveyors, regulators, etc... We give you cash, and you get a solved problem. It's as simple as that!

Casey is here to help the folks in Midlothian, He's from Texas too!

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Casey and his group gave me an offer that I could not refuse. My property closed within 30 days of the offer. They made the process as simple as possible, and showed support throughout as well. If you want to sell and get a great offer, contact this company!

Christina Fonseca

Christina Fonseca

We Buy Mobile Homes From Midlothian In Any Situation

Sometimes, working with a realtor just doesn’t work with mobile homeowners that are looking to sell their house in Midlothian. We’re mobile home buyers from Texas that are ready to help mobile homeowners anywhere to sell their homes on their timeline with zero stress and zero commissions. We’re not realtors, which is why our process is faster and doesn’t involve any hard-to-read contracts or extra fees. We’re ready to buy your property as-is and no renovations are needed. No process has ever been this easy! Start by filling out our form and then we’ll contact you with an ALL-CASH offer for your mobile home in Midlothian.

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Your Mobile Home In Midlothian Can Be Any Condition!

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